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Why 15th Nation?

In 2015, as 4 million Gen Xers turn 50, there are 93 million Americans in the Boomer-Plus Generation™. Born 1940-1965, these are people who molded and experienced Boomer-world for themselves.

As a country this would be the 15th most populous on the planet – the 15th Nation – a larger, more affluent market than Germany or France or the UK or than Canada and Australia combined. To put this into perspective, the 15th Nation buys almost twice as many new cars every year as Germany.

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15th Nation Newsletter: Marketing straight talk about America’s most adaptable generation

Like any other country, the 15th Nation has its own unique history. And much of what outsiders think they know is wrong.

For example, conventional wisdom claims – except for health and wealth categories – consumers are too rigid to adopt new buying patterns or brand loyalties after they leave the 18-49 demographic. For some brands it’s the 25-54 demo, but the thinking is the same.

In reality, Boomers are America’s most adaptable generation. After decades of incredible change and continuous evolution, adaptability is hardwired into our DNA. To help disruptive Millennial marketers and overseas brand decision-makers step out of the group-think box, the Boomer-Plus Consulting Group (B+CG) publishes the 15th Nation Newsletter.

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It provides no-nonsense straight talk and expertise about the huge, affluent and adaptable ecosystem of Americans aged 50-plus.

If the idea of grabbing some other brand’s share before they grab yours appeals to you, sign up for the free weekly 15th Nation Newsletter. We don’t bombard you multiple times a day, we don’t sell merchandise and we don’t share your information.