B+CG Team

Bucking bronco clipartbestThis ain’t our first rodeo

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the Boomer-Plus Consulting Group (B+CG) is a national network of top professional consultants, communications experts, market researchers and strategists. We’ve all been around the track a time or two with some of the smartest brands out there. We know our business.

Our B+CG certified experts help disruptive brands capitalize on a contrarian Big Idea: intelligent engagement with Americans aged 50-plus increases market share and profit. 

We connect with everyday folk in the 50+ space because that’s where we live too. But we didn’t arrive overnight, and we didn’t start at the top. Before we were CEOs, VPs, Mad Men, consultants and entrepreneurs we paid our dues as secretaries, assistants, interns and grunts who worked after school, weekends and summer jobs – union, non union, white collar, blue collar and no collar.

And we don’t just help brands market to America’s families and consumers, we are consumers and have families ourselves. So, we too have been constantly comparing, trying, switching, being delighted, being disappointed, learning and evolving throughout our careers.

It is this life experience that adds insight and disruptive power to the B+CG practice. Our professional expertise covers virtually every aspect of the economy – public and private sector, consumer and B2B – from fast food, alcoholic beverages and consumer packaged goods to automotive, motorcycles and household appliances; from recreational products and athletic wear to healthcare, insurance and medical; from financial and wealth management to luxury goods and travel, and from high technology to hand tools.

The senior consulting team and strategic relationships:

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