The Unique B4B Certification Program

All our experts, researchers and consultants are B4B certified

Marketing in the 50+ space requires special expertise.

There is a limit to what Americans over 50 are prepared to reveal to outsiders about their private attitudes, their hidden motivations and, above all, their vulnerabilities.

And the decades-long Boomer evolution has created a silent language within which communications, brands and products must be positioned; it’s a dialect non-Boomers can never master.

B4B Certified LaunchHowever, turning 50 does not automatically create a Boomer expert.

Not only must all B4B professionals be aged 50 or over to join the team, they must also go through the unique B4B Certification ProgramThis proprietary program calibrates and re-immerses our professionals in the socio-cultural context of the Boomer experience.

B4B Certification: authenticity increases sensitivity and value

B4B Certification adds authenticity to our consultants, coaches and mentors. It is how they help visionary brands have more productive and profitable conversations with Americans in the 50+ space.

Boomer researchers and consultants: apply to join our network

Independent and freelance professionals aged 50 and up should contact B4B to learn more about certification and terms of membership in our unique network.