Seminars, Workshops and White Papers

B+CG Seminars and workshops: Time for disruptive brands to pause and reflect

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” (Mark Twain).

Mark Twain

The mainstream brand marketing majority preaches that consumer adaptability peters out at age 50. So, except for high ticket, luxury and senior-specific categories, older consumers seldom see themselves in advertising.

This last century view is costly; consumers aged 50+ own 85% of U.S. household net worth, and, within this group, the 96 million Boomer-Plus Americans are by far the nation’s most adaptable generation.

It is time to pause and reflect.

B+CG offers high value seminars and workshops for disruptive thinkers worldwide. These are especially valuable to marketing decision makers who did not experience American Boomer-world themselves – Millennials and overseas executives. Topics include:

  • The immense buying power and profit potential of the 50+ consumer space
  • Boomer segmentation: unifiers and differentiators
  • The hidden pathways by which Boomers became America’s most adaptable generation
  • Channeling Boomer adaptability for new concepts, products and technologies
  • Uncovering Boomer inner minds and hidden motivational triggers for smarter, more productive consumer messaging

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B+CG white papers for visionaries: an unfair advantage

Shulman Case 22 Color V2Boomers grew up in a world created by visionaries. Everywhere we looked America was progressive, upbeat and gazing out to the horizon.

If a single image could capture the optimism of Boomer-world, there would be few better than Julius Shulman’s iconic view of Los Angeles from the Stahl House (Case Study House #22, Pierre Koenig, 1960).

It is no surprise that the Boomer generation was inspired to produce its own visionaries and to shape the 21st century we experience today.

The key word for B+CG white papers is also visionary, because the Big Idea of marketing to Boomers is so disruptive that only the most farsighted brands will dare adopt it. When the concept goes viral, the me-too majority scrambling aboard the bandwagon will probably rationalize that the visionaries had an unfair advantage of some type.

And that’s the whole point of our white papers – creating an unfair advantage for those daring enough to look beyond the horizon.

Coming in 2017: The Most Adaptable Generation demolishes the establishment view of Boomers as stuck in the past, unwilling to change behavior, attitudes or brand loyalties.