The Unique B4B Certification Program

All our researchers, analysts and consultants are B4B certified

There is a limit to what consumers over 50 are prepared to reveal to outsiders about their inner attitudes, motivations and – especially – vulnerabilities.

So all B4B focus group moderators, in-depth interviewers and consultants are aged 50 and over. We speak the Boomer dialect, we listen with a Boomer ear, and we interpret Boomer world for our clients.

But we don’t take authenticity for granted: turning 50 does not create an automatic expert on the Boomer generation.

B4B Certifed V6 FinalBefore joining the practice, all team members must qualify for B4B Certification.

This unique, proprietary program calibrates our professionals and re-immerses them in the rich cultural history of the Boomer experience.

B4B Certification generates higher profits and market share

B4B Certification separates actionable knowledge from superficial statistics. It is how we help marketers and advertisers have more productive and profitable conversations with Americans aged 50 and over.

Boomer researchers and consultants: apply to join our network

Fellow professionals should contact B4B to learn more about certification and terms of membership in our unique network.

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